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Release Status: Beta

Welcome to unBand

We all love our Microsoft Bands but that doesn't mean they couldn't do more! There's a bunch of functionality locked away in the bands that isn't exposed to us Band wearers and we aim to help you unlock it. Also, it's fun to play around and push new tech to do fun things beyond what is already available through the officially supported apps!


  1. Change Theme colours to arbitrary colours
  2. Change Background to arbitrary backgrounds
  3. Export all of your activity data from the Microsoft Health cloud service
    • We also support exporting GPX files for those of you who like viewing your runs elsewhere

Coming Soon

  1. Graph live sensor outputs
  2. A bunch more fun stuff
  3. Dunno - suggest something!


  1. "Windows protected your PC" - is this Malware?

    Nope, you'll notice that the code is full signed (which means it's trusted, and someone has verified that I am who I say I am), but it takes a while for Windows to begin trusting the new software. With time this will disappear.

  2. What data does the app collect?

    No information that can be used to identify you. We do collect:

    • Basic PC information (OS version, language)
    • App launch information
    • App usage information
    • Band configuration information (firmware versions etc)
    This data is used for statistics so that we know what features are popular and what to invest in.
  3. App Crashes on Start

    Make sure to install the Microsoft Band Sync app for Windows

  4. App Still Crashes on Start

    Even though you have the Sync app installed, unBand still crashes. This is likely due to us not being able to find the Sync app.

    To solve this, copy Microsoft.Cargo.Client.Desktop8.dll from wherever it is installed to c:\Program Files(x86)\Microsoft Band Sync.

    You can also copy it to the same directory as unBand, search for it under %userprofile%\AppData\Local\Apps\2.0

    Yup, we're going to work on a better solution...

Bugs / Features / Bugs

This is early software, meant for those happy to play around and have software crash on them. If you have any feedback / feature requests / are a designer who wants to design this thing then Open an Issue.